Monday, 7 April 2014

Nepali Detour

Nepali detour

I never expected myself to actually visit Nepal… At least not now. Since the beginning of my studies I’ve heard a lot of stories about it. When I came here I felt like coming back to some memories about that place that were already in my head.
But getting to the point - Nepal is an incredibly beautiful and diversified country, that has this advantage on India that travelling doesn't take that much time, it is also cheaper place to stay and live.
As we had only 8 days to spend we had to make the most of it, so we have spend first two days in Kathmandu, next three days in Pokhara, two in Sauraha and last two back in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu is truly wonderful place, nothing like indian cities that I have visited so far. It applies to all Nepali cities that they are much more quiet, they are cleaner and the night life actually exists on a daily basis.

Pokhara was another place we have visited. Lake side surrounded by mountains creates an impression of everlasting beauty of nature. While there I also took the opportunity to see some of most interesting places as well as go for…. paragliding ;) which was another incredible experience.

Sauraha was yet another kind of place, rather small village very close to Chitwan national park. The day we arrived we went for a short walk around the place and already fell in love with it. As for next day we left for jungle walk in Chitwan without any vehicle that lasted 7 hours we spotted wildlife like rhinos, deers, wild boars, monkeys and alligators, no luck with tigers though ;)

I can say it honestly, Nepal is definitely worth visiting for let’s say… at least a month. I really hope I can get there again real soon… ;)

Thanks to Prashant P. and Sushant P. for helping us organising everything and letting us stay at your place. Thanks to you this trip will be in my memories for a very long time ;) 

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